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Hon. Donors
Certificate of Appreciation

Leicester on Ramnavmi

1.  £25.25 Niruben Chandrakant Chauhan

2.  £25.00 Ishwarbhai M Kataria

3.  £25.00 Bhartiben H Parmar

4.  £25.00 Nanjibhai B Chauhan

5.  £25.00 Dhirubhai T dholakia

6.  £25.00 Amratbhai M Parmar

7.  £25.00 Dayalbhai U Solanki

8.  £25.00 Khandubhai C Solanki

9.  £25.00 Bhartiben Patel

10. £25.00 Jamnaben D Solanki

11.  £25.00 Laxmiben S Chohan

12. £25.00 Sureshbhai Solanki

13. £25.00 Dhaniben H Chauhan

14. £25.00 Bhanuben C chauhan

15. £25.00 Zinabhai D Chauhan

16. £25.00 Jagjivanbhai A Chauhan

17 . £25.00 Santaben M Chohan


£50 From Mr. and  Mrs. Ishwarbhai Chauhan on her daughter's wedding.




Dear Samaj members, 

Greetings from Shree Sarvodaya Samaj UK 

It has been a privilege and pleasure to have served as President of Shree Sarvodaya samaj UK for last FOUR years. 

This year, it will be 50 years since our elders who launched the Shree Sarvodaya Samaj UK. Uniting the different organizations throughout UK, Such as Birmingham, Bolton Rohit Samaj, Preston Rohit Samaj, London Brotherhood,THE YUVA PEDHI, RK Yuvak Mandal, UKRK Seva Samaj, Nelson Rohit Samaj, under one umbrella Organisation, 

This is our opportunity to pay tribute to the founder members of the community who worked tirelessly volunteering their time and money to bring everyone together. 

Since the Shree Sarvodaya Samaj UK came into being we have gone strength to strength by creating Shree Sarvodaya Samaj Surat Bulsar, Navsari Branch in India. Bought our property 39, Highfield Street Leicester in 1977 to be head quarter of our Samaj. And place which has been center of activities which included religious, cultural and sports. 

In coming year we will be celebrating this golden Anniversary which will include all the activities. We at the committee would like your support and participation with same enthusiasm as our elders did in the last 50 years. 

Thank you. 

 Chandrakant H Chauhan
Shree Sarvodaya Samaj UK

Maha Committee Members list 01 April 2019 TO 31 March 2022

Maha Committee

Vice President  : Narendra D Chauhan
Gen.Secretary  : Ishwarbhai M Kataria
Asst.Secretary1 : Naynaben Ramesh Chohan
Asst.Secretary2 : Manisha Rupesh Kataria
Treasurer  : Nititnbhai D Chauhan
Asst.Treasurer : Yogitaben N Chauhan
Auditor    : Niruben C Chauhan
Caretaker   : Dhirubhai Dholaki
Asst. Caretaker : Rupesh Kataria
Youth Leader : Dixit N Chauhan

Asst. Youth Leader : Manisha Kataria

1. Vijyaben N Chauhan  Leicester
2. Dayalbhai U Solanki   Leicester
3. Gopalbhai Solanki      London
4. Pratapbhai B Chauhan Preston


Dhirubhai T Dholakia  Leicester
Govindbhai D Gohil  Leicester
Niruben G Gohil  Leicester
Damyantiben Z Chauhan  Leicester
Kalpana Kataria  Leicester
Bhartiben Patel  Leicester
Kamlesh M Chauhan  Leicester
Hansaben I Kataria  Leicester
Bhanuben C Chauhan   Leicester
Nanjibhai B Chauhan  Leicester
Thakorbhai R Chauhan  London
Hasmukhbhai Parmar  London
Dineshbhai Chauhan  London
Ishwarbhai Chauhan  London
Manharbhai Kantadia  London
Jayantilal Chauhan London
Chetan Chohan  London
Dilipbhai R Solanki Birmingham



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